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On the Phenix City councils agenda this morning.

Today I attended our new city councils first official day in office’s council meeting. While we were on the agenda, they chose to take it up as a first reading as it is their first time seeing it. The previous council approved it last year, but due to an unfortunate situation with the Alabama ABC’s licensing process, I was forced to reapply for my brewpub license. this process requires the citys approval before they (the ABC) will move foreward with the application process. We had to resubmit to the ABI and FBI for our background checks again because they were more than six months old, and that process took nearly a month, the city has had those now for a couple of weeks, but this was the first opportunity and meeting of the Phenix city council since they were turned in to them. Add to that the fact that this was their first day in office, and exactly what I expected is exactly what happened. hopefully they will vote yes on November 2oth on my application and we can move forward. sorry for the delays, but this is new to me and the process is very slow.

Be sure to check out our http://indiegogo.com/chattahoochee page  and donate to the cause if you can. We need all the help we can get to create a better brewpub for the area.

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